Good bye to the Westside. Hello faith…

As I prepare to move my life across town I want to pause in appreciation. I have a lot of wonderful days and moments in my life. I know I complain a lot on the internet and I am sorry my expression is often so unbalanced. I do have joy and immense gratitude in my life. 

I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned. I dearly love the sweet and amazing and inspiring people who I have around me and have crossed paths with. I dearly love the people who have challenged me with envy and hate. And of course I am thankful beyond belief for this soft precious baby girl who gives me kisses and giggles joyfully when I snorffle her neck. My life is truly beautiful, a gift to be sure.

Maybe that is why I have such short patience when something feels wrong. I am getting really close to a place of faith that ultimately it is all good – even the really messed up stuff like Hitler and babies born into unhealthy families. These things break my heart but logically I can see perhaps it is all part of our spiritual evolution. 

My meditation and dharma teacher, Valeta, says mindfulness is unbiased. I see that. But likely I have a long way to go to grasp it and to be at peace no matter the circumstances. I want enlightenment but I want it my way – through a happy tribe of loving committed souls who are there to help when I need a shower. But those are not my conditions! And probably if they were I would be pissed about it for some other reason!! Ha!
So I am learning patience. I am having my heart broken open. And we are leaving a beautiful house to live in community. There is much to celebrate! Thank you all dear friends and family for your contribution to it all.


About burlamber

Just another person trying to find my way in the world!
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