My dream commune!

I fantasize about communal living. I have for years now. We have visited several groups and I have come down to a pretty clear picture of my ideal set up.

The Community Space

“Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.”

Jean Nicolas Bouilly (1763-1842);
Writer, Politician

I’ll start with the super fun part: there is a BIG community space –  kitchen, dinning room, library, lounge, yoga room, movie room, craft room, play room, bathhouse, garden, greenhouses, shop… I love the idea of shared appliances. I think it is unfortunate  that we all need a toaster blender oven vacuum lawn mower. There are so many great gadgets I want but most of them don’t even make sense for single family homes, there just isn’t the counter space! But when I have a shared kitchen I am finally getting that citrus press…

The shared spaces will of course be non toxic eco friendly energy efficient and beautiful. Or as close as we can get to that…

If we are designing our own building there is much inspiration available for passive solar, re-purposed grey water and natural materials. I have seen some incredible examples of (mostly cob) earthen homes on the communes we have visited and I want one, a big one!

Dinning room at Full Bloom commune

Art at Full Bloom

Individual Spaces

Individual family houses will be small and personalized and can be very minimal (read: affordable) thanks to all the shared stuff in the common house. I might market this whole thing as a place to park your tiny house.

#portlandia #tinyhouse

my house will be cob!

House Alive, an earthen home building education center

How we will live 

Most meals will be shared as will cooking and cleaning and group chores. We will work together to figure out the best strategies to manage it all. Naturally a group business idea or two will develop for those who are interested.

We will take care of each other, inspire each other, learn from and laugh with, entertain and support one another. We will pool our strengths and trouble shoot our weaknesses. I make an awesome loaf of sourdough bread. I would really love help meal planning. Oh and medicinal herbs, will someone help me with that when I am sick?

Of course it will be difficult. Working together requires serious intention, investment, communication, personal sacrifice (actually, I’d say that is debatable but in the conventional sense anyhow). But it is one of the worthiest of goals and there is much to be gained. I am so ready for this and many others are too.

Please comment. What do you like or dislike? What does yours look like? Would you or wouldn’t you? Whyyyy?

Thanks for reading!

one of these days i will take a sketching class…


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2 Responses to My dream commune!

  1. count me in! I love your ideas and you and Troy are top of our list of people we could actually do something like this with. You are inspiring, sweet friend. Xo

  2. count me in! I love your ideas and I believe in you entirely. Very inspiring.

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