Fall gardening.

I was happy realize all the things I could do in my garden this fall. All I ever want to do anymore is garden but this summer was too busy for much. Recently though I have been able to make some fun progress, especially with the warm weather we had until just a few days ago! So lovely.

After doing the initial steps of our lawn conversion in June I had a long strip along the road (Roadside) and a corner of the front yard (Corner) covered with cardboard and ~4″ of compost. Roadside was seeded with a bunch of quick growing flowers – sunflowers and poppies for filler that would look good in the mean time but hold space for the annual veggie bed. In Corner I built up two long mounds of dirt where I put a row of sunchokes and a row of asparagus inter-planted with strawberries (neutral companions).

Sometime in September, in the middle part of Roadside that is for food, I seeded lettuce, spinach, onions, peas and more I am forgetting for a little eating and a little nitrogen fixing.  Even though I did this on the biodynamically-appropriate day for each type I haven’t had enough growth to harvest anything yet. I was hoping for more, not sure if I could have done some things better for more growth or what.  And there are certainly patches of plants that did better than others…microhabitats within just an open plot ~8×25 ft. ??

Within the past few weeks I made two more mounds on either end of Roadside that I planted with a few pretty native shrubs – vine maple, currant and dogwood. A friend got me some good sized rocks to incorporate and then I will seed all over with native flowers. I couldn’t settle on doing just ornamental or just food…so, both!

I also took out the sunchokes and put in two blueberry bushes on a mound because they don’t make such an awkward screen right in the middle of Corner. I don’t feel great about the layout of these mounds, they don’t seem to visually flow…I will try it for a year.

I also transplanted quite a few herbs to start filling up the open dirt in Corner – thyme, parsley, sage, tarragon and also garlic and onions. And in the back yard I planted garlic into the raspberry row because I heard they were good companions 🙂 And I dug up the hops from the backyard to give away – I don’t use them for anything and they’re not native so bye bye!

It can be frustrating because I don’t really know what I am doing with any of this and making decisions is hard because even though I can always move things again, that is not an easy chore and it stets the plants back for a while. But regardless, it is one of my favorite ways to spend my daylight hours so I don’t mind that much.

My final step, next weekend, will be sheet mulching over the annual bed and a small section in back to start building some really happy soil…

Turns out fall gardening is especially fun because in this season that is otherwise about dying back it feels really good to put in place a few more things that will have a head start next spring…Plant seeds and sing songs 🙂


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