B is for Both, And.

Last March I attended a meditation retreat. The teacher often answered questions with “It is Both, And”. The middle way…balance. For most of my life I have swung back and forth from high to low, cowgirl to hippie, flexibility and strength, righteous and humble, work and play, dark and light, low maintenance to high…clearly struggling to find myself.

But lately, thank goodness, I have begun to find balance. A little bit of stability in this ever changing world feels really good. To be able know and hear myself a bit more is a beautiful and amazing thing. And the best part is that this clear headed, present, awake, content mindset sheds so much light on the issues that I struggled over before, thus having much practical application! 🙂

So, when I saw my friend’s debating on Facebook about whether to feed and cloth the needy or treat the “source” my mind said “It’s Both, And”! And as always with these insights, they sound so obvious when you say them out loud! But really, to address the source while soothing the symptom is the most loving way to address issues like these.


About burlamber

Just another person trying to find my way in the world!
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