Dear One and All,

“I myself appealed to the guests to explore the need to take responsibility for their own food and not to leave the farmer out there alone in the wilderness to carry all the risks. New partnerships need to be formed, a new understanding for food has to grow and the need to create farms together with the those in need of food, has to become the priority for all.” — Michael Schmidt

Hello dear friends and family,
I am writing you today about something very important to me – local food. Through my desires for eating well, staying healthy, living sustainably and having community I came to value locally grown food.

Then I noticed it was hard to get a hold of local food here in Bend. Welcome into my life: Central Oregon Locavore. It’s like carnivore, but local… We aim to eat food grown as close to home as possible and always from a quality source. I have become involved with a “brand” of food we call Start Local, the ‘localest’ source for the staples we all want to eat that are not yet grown in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon Locavore is volunteer run. We put the time in because we value a clean environment, good food for all, and a strong local economy. However, we too need to feel valued. Our goal is to make Locavore a bricks-and-mortar store of some sort – coop, buying club, food hub?? And we hope to have *gasp* paid employees who can sustainably and thus happily provide local food for our community.

We dream of a day when Bendites can shop our isles any time – pickup some cheese from Cada Dia, immaculate and fresh greens from Redtail Farm (yes, available all winter!), bread from Baked, coffee from Strictly Organic, your gallon of raw milk for the week and whatever else catches your eye (a truffle from Jem?). And maybe you’ll even bump into your farmer and have a nice conversation about how the season is going. Doesn’t it sound glorious!? This of course already happens every other Thursday afternoon at Locavore HQ. And it IS glorious 🙂


If you are a Central Oregon community member, please please donate and help grow our local food. We only have until July 3! If you live elsewhere please seek out other Locavore type organizations and get involved. And please forward this to anyone who should care…




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