Intentional Communal Lives

Walking along the wooded path, they seem to have a sparkle in their eyes. They seem satisfied and vital, they are healthy and present.  For a long time I assumed I was romanticizing the idea of communes. And to be sure, Lisa our host stressed that, many things about communal life can be frustrating. But on the whole things really are pretty rosy when you settle into a place and live sustainably, intentionally and creatively with your friends and family.

So many of my frustrations with life and the world would be solved by living with close community ties. When people share tools, cook for each other, work together and take care of each other we can live sustainably and have more free time. Communal living can also help us develop and grow as an individuals. Our ideas are challenged and our patience is tested by people we know and love.

I am more convinced each day that this is the path I want to explore…Thanks to all of the beautiful people that took us in 🙂


About burlamber

Just another person trying to find my way in the world!
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